Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Got American Jobs....

... and got America's burdens too.

Not so much concerned with the political and economic ramifications of
outsourcing here... More the irony of the exporting societal woes as a
aide effect is telling...


-- matt, matt@bigmatt.us

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Joshua said...

I read another thing like this in a pharmacy publication, only it was comnpletly diffrent. See, it said that since we've outsourced our lifestlye and its side effects (being in general tubby balls of lard with too much stress and not enough rest), that this created an excellant field of canidates for the generic drug manufacturors to test their products on, thusly getting them approved for us in the US to recieve proper and approved generic equivalents to name brand pharmacueticals. So look on the. . . bright side?